Badi H. Baltagi, Distinguished Professor of Economics, Syracuse University, and Director of IAAE

Fabio Canova, Pierre Werner Chair in Monetary Economics at the Schuman Center, EUI and Chair in Econometrics, Department of Economics, EUI, and Director of IAAE

Marcelle Chauvet (Program Co-Chair), Professor, University of California Riverside, and Director of IAAE

Hashem Pesaran, John Elliot Distinguished Chair of Economics, and Director of Centre for Applied Financial Economics, University of Southern California, and Director of IAAE

Barbara Rossi (Program Co-Chair), Professor, ICREA-Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona GSE, CREI, and Director of IAAE

Local Organizers

Natalia Bailey, Liudas Giraitis, George Kapetanios and Haroon Mumtaz, Queen Mary University of London (Local Organizing Committee Members)